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We were asked by designer JAMES DILLON to work with him create a set for the re launch of the classic CRYSTAL MAZE TV GAME SHOW.


The designs were based on the original 1990’s plans and our approach was to keep fairly lose to the original concept, whilst adding a FILM SET level of detail and drama.

For the AZTEC ZONE set ROD VASS and LAURA MARTIN hand carved various densities of polyurethane foam into rows of stonework in varying sizes and elaborate MAYAN inspired carved panels.















MAYAN style carving in foam

Silicone moulds were made , polyurethane foam sprayed into the moulds and multiple replicas created from each mould. On set at the BOTTLEYARD STUDIOS in Bristol we fixed the foam mouldings, using sprayed foam, to a structure of scaffolding and timber . We were able to recreate the distinctive appearance of ancient MESOAMERICAN architecture.

AZTEC ZONE under construction

Stonework carved in high density foam

Once the foam panels were firmly fixed, we hand sculpted back joining seams and sprayed a polyurethane hardcoat over the whole set. Lastly the set was painted and dressed and was ready for filming.

The MEDIEVAL ZONE sculpted panels

We also created elements for The MEDIEVAL ZONE set.

ROD and LOUIS VASS, assisted by TONY SALMON, created 2 large sculpted panels and 2 GARGOYLES by a combination of digital and conventional sculpting. The style was inspired by early ROMANESQUE sculpted panels from LINCOLN CATHEDRAL.


We also created a rock cave entrance tunnel and a rocky water feature using polyurethane pulls from some of our existing rock moulds, fixed and sprayed together on site.

The MEDIEVAL ZONE sculpted panels.

Hand carved ROMANESQUE arches.

Aztec Zone MAYAN inspired obelisks

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