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Our ARMOURS and ACTION PROPS are lightweight, flexible replicas, often of metal originals. They feature astonishingly convincing detail and finish. They actually work, being extremely tough and with professional STUNT coordination they can offer a high degree of protection. We have recreated ARMOURS from many periods, along with SHIELDS and HORSE ARMOURS.

Our services to SPFX include lightweight, breakable props, architecture and natural forms. Or alternately, very tough, almost unbreakable items, suitable for several retakes.


We offer traditional or digital options for creative origination. We can create our own 3D FILES for digital sculptural origination, or use a wide range of hands on techniques, including POLY and FOAM CARVING, TIMBER and STEEL construction and a wide variety of less conventional approaches. We can make MOULDS in large or small scale even in outdoor locations such as cliffs, caves, trees or walls. Our POLYURETHANE FOAM and RESIN spraying techniques are ideally suited for construction on a large or small scale. We can rapidly manufacture large, complex and lightweight components and assemble them on location or in a studio. Large scale SCULPTURE, PROPS, CAVES, ROCKS, TREES and ARCHITECTURE have become particular specialities. We can replicate or originate any form in exceptional detail. Huge constructions can be quickly assembled and our finishing techniques offer an unparalleled degree of realism combined with integral strength.

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For over 20 years we have supplied numerous FILM and TV projects, as well as THEATRE, SHOP DISPLAY and outdoor SCULPTURE and CONSTRUCTIONS for permanent and temporary installations.

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